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Voice training
A fun-filled workshop that  allows students to explore all aspects of their voices. You will learn how to strengthen the voice for singing, rapping, and public speaking. The workshop will raise awareness of the voice’s healing potential and how it can be used to increase one’s
self-confidence. The workshop will consist of learning a variety of vocal techniques followed by group singing activities.
Creative writing & Story Telling
Learn a range of exciting techniques of composing a short story, (including graphic/comic-strips) mini play or Screen script, article for blog or online magazine. Once you have composed your story, you will be given the chance to explore the art of story-telling and to test your skill on an audience of your peers by performing or reading your piece. This workshop is an excellent way of improving literacy, listening and presentation skills as well as building confidence and self-management.
T-Shirt Printing
Experience the full process of t-shirt printing from artwork design to the finished product.
Meet with a young entrepreneur who has developed his own business and learn how to turn your ideas, hobbies or passion into a successful enterprise. This hands-on experience will inspire you to be self-disciplined, independent and enterprising.
Filmmaking Workshop Gain an insight of the film making industry and an appreciation of the skills involved in producing a short-film. You will explore a few short films to inspire you with ideas for making your own film production. This is a great taster if you’re thinking of exploring film-making further at College or through apprenticeship.

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