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Confidentiality Policy Statement

General principles

         The Johmard LYME recognises that employees, volunteers and trustees gain information about
        individuals and organisations during the course of their work or activities. In most cases such
        information will not be stated as confidential and colleagues may have to exercise common
        sense and discretion in identifying whether information is expected to be confidential. This
        policy aims to give guidance but if in doubt, seek advice from your line manager.

         Colleagues are able to share information with their line manager in order to discuss issues and
        seek advice.

         Colleagues should avoid exchanging personal information or comments (gossip) about
        individuals with whom they have a professional relationship.

         It is not appropriate to discuss a person’s sexuality (e.g. ‘outing’ a gay person) without their
       prior consent.

         Colleagues should avoid talking about organisations or individuals in social settings.

         Colleagues will not disclose to anyone, other than their line manager, any information
        considered sensitive, personal, financial or private without the knowledge or consent of the
        individual, or an officer, in the case of an organisation.

         There may be circumstance where colleagues would want to discuss difficult situations with
        each other to gain a wider perspective on how to approach a problem. The organisation’s
        consent must be sought before discussing the situation, unless the colleague is convinced
        beyond doubt that the organisation would not object to this. Alternatively, a discussion may
        take place with names or identifying information remaining confidential.

         Where there is a legal duty on The Johmard LYME to disclose information, the person to
        whom the confidentiality is owed will be informed that disclosure has or will be made.

Please contact us if you would like a copy of the full policy document.


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