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Equality & Diversity Policy Statement

1. Introduction & Statement of Intent

1.2    The Johmard LYME acknowledges and strives to celebrate that it operates and
         provides services within a socially diverse society.

1.3    The Johmard LYME is committed to developing equal opportunities in all areas of
         its work, structure and service provision. We aim to ensure that no person or
         group of people should suffer discrimination, lack of opportunity or receive
         favourable treatment based on race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, gender,
         religion, marital status, sexual orientation, responsibility for dependants,
         employment status, age, political beliefs, disability or geographical location. 

1.4    Although the prime responsibility for achieving and providing equality of
         opportunity rests with The Johmard LYME, employees, volunteers and those in
         leadership positions at every level have an individual responsibility for complying
         with and promoting this policy.

1.5        At The Johmard LYME we understand that equal opportunity does not follow from
        good intentions alone, but recognise that it is important to support this policy with
        practical action.  Both this policy and the associated action will be implemented in
        accordance with the statutory requirements.

2.      Legislation

2.1    The Johmard LYME Equal Opportunities Policy has been developed within the
         framework of existing legislation, including:

                     Sex Discrimination Act (1975 & amendment 1986)

                     Disability Discrimination Act (1995)

                     Race Relations Act (1976 & amendment 2000)

                     Human Rights Act (1998)

                     Protection From Harassment Act (1997)

                     Employment Relations Act (1999)

                     Equal Pay Act (1970) & National Minimum wage Act (1998)

                     Employment Rights Act (1996)

                     Maternity & Parental Leave Regulations  (1998 & 2002)

                     Data Protection Act (1998)

                     Health & Safety at Work Act (1974)

Please contact us if you would like a copy of the full policy document.


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