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Health & Safety Policy Statement

1.      General Statement & Summery of Policy:

1.1     The Johmard LYME believes that children & young people derive a good deal of benefit from taking part in a wide range of educational & personal development activities. When engaging in activities children & young people need and want to be exposed to risk. We understand that our role is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of staff, young people and visitors are upheld at all times.

1.2     The Johmard LYME works towards a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy and is bound to abide by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This lays down certain duties on all staff and office volunteers. These duties are to take care of their own safety and that of other staff, volunteers and visitors and to co-operate with the Management Committee and its officers to enable it to carry out its responsibilities.

1.3    In particular all staff & volunteers have a duty to:

    Assess the risks involved with activities, introduce measures to control those risks and ensure all those involved are aware of these measures. This includes the correct staff ratio’s as follows:

a)  1 adult for every 6 children aged 5-8

b)  1 adult for every 10-15 for children aged 8-11

c)  1 adult for every 15-20 young people aged 12+

Workers should assess the risks and consider an appropriate safe supervision level for their particular group & needs. There should be a minimum of one youth Worker in Charge, who is not included in the ratio.

    Ensure children & young people are given adequate instruction to fully engage with, experience and enjoy a wide range of activities, without compromising safety. 

    Work safely, efficiently and without endangering the health and safety of themselves, their colleagues or any other person who has a right of access to the organisation’s premises at any time;

    Adhere to all safety procedures and conform to all instructions given by those with a responsibility for health and safety, especially relating to building management & resources.

    Record all accidents, near miss occurrences and hazardous situations and report to the delegated Health & Safety officer. These incidents are to be raised at the next available staff meeting.

    Meet their other statutory safety obligations including that laid down in Section 8 of the Act, which states that “no person shall intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety or welfare in pursuance of any of the relevant statutory provisions”. 

1.4       In addition to this, staff who are in charge of young people, have the common law duty of care, which is to act as any reasonable prudent parent/carer would do in similar circumstances.

Please contact us if you would like a copy of the full policy document.

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